Episode 15: The Premonition

The premonition.jpg

“The fog cleared temporarily... and I caught a glimpse of the blade of the knife.”

Police dog handler Bruce Howat and his canine partner Cara were a crack crime-fighting duo – one of the finest man-dog teams on the force. It all came to an end one night when Bruce found himself on the wrong end of a 33cm-long hunting knife wielded by the most unlikely of criminals. A story of the immense bond between a policeman and his dog – and the lengths they went to to save each other.

Music credits for this episode: Low Light Switch by Blue Dot Sessions, Are We Loose Yet by Blue Dot Sessions, Ragtime by Tate Peterson, Mid Day Blues by Tate Peterson, Cast In Wicker by Blue Dot Sessions, Gaena by Blue Dot Sessions, The One Shot by Blue Dot Sessions, Uncertain Ground by Blue Dot Sessions and Come As You Were by Blue Dot Sessions. 

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“The senior sergeant was in his office. I jumped her onto his desk and said, ‘Guard’ and I said, ‘In case you’re not aware what that means, you move a muscle and she’s legally allowed to bite you.’”

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