Episode 18: The Wall

The Wall FB image.jpg

“My brother walked in when I was trying on a leather skirt. I acted surprised and said I thought it was cowboy chaps.”

Rohan Stace was a Kiwi cop who never shied away from the dangers of frontline policing. But behind his macho image he was a cross-dresser who lived in terror of his secret being discovered. Three years ago, Rohan ceased to exist. She is now Rhona – New Zealand’s first openly transgender police prosecutor. This is her story.

Music credits for this episode: Come as You Are by Blue Dot Sessions, Calm and Collected by Blue Dot Sessions, Walking Shoes by Blue Dot Sessions, Slow Dial by Blue Dot Sessions, Lanky by Blue Dot Sessions, Lemon and Melon by Blue Dot Sessions, November Mist by Blue Dot Sessions.

“If I dropped my guard someone might find out the truth and then it would all be over.”