Episode 17: The Choice

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"I didn’t feel like I had to protect anyone any more... I said, 'No, Graham wasn’t your biological father. Another man was.'"

 Before giving birth at the age of 18, Averill Richardson had been faced with a choice: give her baby girl away to strangers, or keep her – but never, ever tell her who her real father was. Averill made her choice. Sixteen years later, the secret was out. 

Music credits for this episode: Vernouillet by Blue Dot Sessions, Greyleaf Willow by Blue Dot Sessions, Peacoat by Blue Dot Sessions, Via Verre by Blue Dot Sessions, Lamprey by Blue Dot Sessions, Jat Poure by Blue Dot Sessions, Collingwood by Blue Dot Sessions, Low Coal Camper by Blue Dot Sessions

"I’m jogging past a house where my father could be living, and wondering, 'Am I passing him in the street?'"

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