Episode 13: The Secret

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“Annie never did find his love-making apparatus and not once did she ever suspect that he was anything other than a fully-equipped man.”

Eugene Falleni was a hard-drinking, foul-mouthed deck hand on a South Seas sailing ship. Then, his secret was discovered. A story of transgender, betrayal and murder.

Music credits for this episode: Wouldn’t Believe it by Boone Howard, Old Fashioned by The Singer and the Songwriter, Say Goodbye by Monarques, Half a Life by Boone Howard, Dark is Coming by James William Hindle, Set Fire by Corrina Rep, The Madness by The Invasion, The Law by The Invasion, Malheur by Mbilly, Release Me by Corinna Rep, It’s All Over Now by Monarques.

Research and further reading:

Eugenia by Mark Tedeschi

Eugenia A Man by Suzanne Falkiner

Half Wild by Pip Smith

“A woman’s body, placed in a makeshift fireplace, lay smouldering in the clearing. Heat from the fire had burned off her hair, clothing and skin.”

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