Episode 14: The Book Thief

The Book Thief image.jpg

“I didn’t want to hurt anybody but I was not willing to take any prisoners. I wanted my books.”

 Book lover Dennis Gallagher could accept losing his apartment in the devastating 2011 Christchurch earthquake. But he could not accept losing his books. Instead, he found his inner James Bond and launched a secret operation to steal his own books from his own apartment within the military-patrolled red zone.

 “I could tell they were looking at me thinking, ‘This man is lying. He’s a looter.’”


Music credits for this episode: Heliotrope by Blue Dot Sessions, Wake Up Wake Up by Lullatone, Floating Away by Lullatone, In Paler Skies by Blue Dot Sessions, Retro Secret Agent Theme by Hakan Eriksson, Secret Agent Theme by Fragile Audioroom, Floating Whist by Blue Dot Sessions, The Zeppelin by Blue Dot Sessions.

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